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Style Pilates Newsletter :: September 2006

Style Pilates News and Events :: September 2006

Geraldine Marques-Frediani :: Pilates Instructor
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Pilates & Posture :: September 2006

There are so many reasons why people decide to start an exercise program. Most people want to change shape or relieve pain from hours of leading a sedentary lifestyle. The one concept that can rapidly relieve pain and change your shape the quickest is postural conditioning.

I teach clients to realign their bodies quickly and naturally. My Pilates Posture program does not involve drugs, surgical procedures or magical spells, but a combination of scientific principles, stretches and corrective exercises using specialized exercise equipment for postural results that are both immediate and lasting.

Why posture is so important ?

Poor posture is a leading cause of back pain. When posture is poor, joints are no longer aligned correctly causing them to press into one another, resulting in pain and irritation. Good posture can make the difference between a healthy back and an aching one. Good posture can prevent a lifetime of annoying and painful back and neck problems.

Poor posture often causes people to believe they are overweight and need to diet. Poor posture causes your upper back to slump pressing the rib cage down on your abdominal organs, forcing your belly to protrude and create the illusion you are fat. Subsequent dieting does little to help as it is not the cause of the problem. Simply by learning standing straighter, you can slim your waistline by 5 cm or more.

Most people believe abdominal crunches are the solution to achieving a flat stomach. Unfortunately poor posture is a leading cause of not attaining a flat stomach. If you have you been performing abdominal crunches and are not seeing any change, then you may need to pay attention to your postural alignment.

Pilates Program

I will concentrate on stretching and relaxing your short tight muscles which are pulling your body and spine out of alignment.

You will perform specific corrective exercises that will strengthened targeted muscles in your body like the Pilates powerhouse muscles (transverse abdominal, pelvic floor, obliques, gluteal and lower back muscles).

These muscles will ultimately hold your body in its most optimal posture for efficient movement.

Simultaneously you will perform body awareness exercises to draw attention to your current bad habits and alignment dysfunctions. Performing these exercises greatly contribute to achieving optimal posture.

The outcome is a balanced body which is stronger, more flexible an elongated spine and a flat abdominal wall. In short, there is no other form of exercise like Pilates.

Time Investment

A Pilates class is 60-minute long with stretching and resistance exercises on the floor with accessories (Pilates mat class with exercise bands, Pilates magic circle, etc.) or on Pilates machines (reformer, cadillac).

You will need to complete 2-3 appointments per week for 6-8 weeks to retrain your muscles in the short term. You may then choose whether to continue at the same frequency or drop down to 1 class per week. Obviously, the more time invested the faster your progress will continue.


It is impossible to answer this without an evaluation. Once evaluated it depends on how long you have had poor posture, and how ingrained your poor postural habits are. Some people once aware of their habits can quite quickly fix them, whilst others take much longer. In addition, many injuries and restrictions are products of a history of inefficient movements. These habitual patterns take time to recognize, while new and more efficient movement patterns take time to learn and adopt. However, usually within a few weeks you will notice and feel distinct improvements.

Please call me on 08 9521 2616 to book a 60-minute Pilates class. Your first class is free.

Please contact me (call on 08 9521 2616 or send an email to stylepilates@gmail.com) for full information.




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Geraldine Marques-Frediani :: Pilates Instructor
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