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History of Pilates

Since we are living in this modern age, we must of necessity devote more time and more thought to the important matter of acquiring physical fitness.
- Joseph H. Pilates

From Contrology to Pilates

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The proliferation of Pilates studios and exercise classes worldwide is a lasting testimonial to the Joseph Pilates' intuitive understanding of human movement.
Following his death in 1967, the regime almost disappeared for a number of years, but a devoted few believers kept the ideals alive until the tide turned and the Pilates method gained the popular recognition it always deserved.

Today the Pilates method has spread throughout most of the developed world.
Unfortunately, such rapid growth has often given rise to profiteering and questionable practices.
However, this is not the norm. What has changed is the interpretation of what is "Pilates".

If you are looking, the essence of the original Pilates regime should be represented in any genuine Pilates studio.
Good Pilates instructors should be affiliated with a professional Pilates association that can authenticate training and competence.
As one would expect, with the benefit of modern science and advances in our understanding of health and fitness, the application of the Pilates has been refined.
Most Pilates centers have embraced these advances and applied them accordingly.

Today Pilates principles have infiltrated many forms of exercise, from traditional yoga and its adaptations [eg yogalates], through to the proliferation of ever changing gym classes, dance centre fitness sessions, school physical education classes, and the list goes on.

Professional sporting bodies worldwide now include Pilates as part of their routine training platform.

Osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, orthopaedists, and medical practitioners are now recommending Pilates as one of the safest forms of remedial exercise today.

It can be integrated into rehabilitative designed to speed recovery of soft tissue injuries.
Many hospitals and physical therapy centres have also integrated the Pilates method into their rehabilitation programs.

The Pilates Method can be safely used by pregnant women, to maintain abdominal and pelvic floor tone, as well as helping strength throughout, without overloading or straining.
It is very effective in helping to recover body shape and tone after pregnancy.

Joseph's emphasis on "core stabilization and strength" has been embraced by many people from all over the world.